Gift Giving App

As part of a DESIGNATION mock client project, I led my group of four in carrying out UX research for an app around the open-ended subject of “gift-giving.” We each created our own prototypes and hi-fidelity mockups for the app.


Design an app for tracking occasions and giving gifts.


UX Research & Design, UI Design


February 2016

Research & Understanding

In the research phase, my group performed domain research and interviews. We used this research to establish a design framework, including a persona, Chad, and a journey map.

Problem Statement

Users need a way to easily discover personalized gift recommendations, because picking out the perfect gift shouldn’t have to be a time consuming chore.

Prototype & UI Exploration

I created an Axure prototype for GIVR, an app that that tracks birthdays and other events, and offers reminders and personalized gift recommendations.

I created style tiles to explore two different visual directions. I ultimately decided to go with the more vibrant one, which would be be aligned with our persona, Chad.

The Final Design